Bingo can be educational for your kids; well that's what the big wigs at Australian family club, Cardiff Panthers, think.  The club has been encouraging its member's children to take part in bingo as a school holiday activity, suggesting that it is a great way to get kids learning about numbers!

The club is encouraging kids to get involved with one of their parents favourite pastimes and have fun! By hearing numbers called out, kids are encouraged to link the number sound to the written number and improve their response time. With numbers from 1-90, it has become a novel way to introduce children to big numbers!

Cardiff Panthers have sent out a batch of posters to local schools, encouraging parents to get their children into bingo to aid their learning. Learning through play is one of the key devices to get kids understanding basic numeracy, but would you be happy with you children learning about numbers through bingo?

One thing it steers clear from is having an outright winner, letting every child have a prize, a drink and a piece of cake. Sounds good to us at bingo news, a piece of cake would go down nicely with a game of bingo right about now…